I’ll Sleep when I’m Dead

I’ve learned one major thing about babies in my fives weeks of being a dad: they give zero shits about how tired you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 A.M. and there is a microbiology lab practical that you have to take the next day, they are not going to stop yelling until their diapers are changed and their bellies are full. Honestly though, I can’t say that I blame them. Complete lack of control of my bodily and motor functions would probably make me a little temperamental too.

My new hobby is taking consecutive pictures of my daughter while she wiggles around on the couch. It’s a little game I play, trying to get the funniest/cutest pictures I can in one sitting. Here’s a couple of gems that I got yesterday:




What a cutie, right? I’m pretty sure she’ll be glad I took these when she’s in her teens.


One Man and a Baby

Dear Reader,

Two weeks into being a dad I am about as tired as I’ve ever been. It’s no joke. The baby seems to have decided she is a nightowl which means that mom and dad are nightowls too. Being up super late is a little taxing because I need to, you know, sleep every now and then. I haven’t been this tired since I was in Army Basic Training, which is really saying something because sleep deprivation was kind of the whole point. Tonight is no exception either. She woke up around one o’clock this morning and after a sip at the boob she’s was alternating between sleeping and making a fuss until about ten minutes ago. Thankfully she’s konked out now, curled up against my chest and making her cute baby sleep noises while my wife is on the futon in the living room getting some shut-eye before it’s time to feed this little eating machine again.

Setting aside the soul draining sleep deprivation, having this little munchkin has been pretty badass. Just looking at her trips me out as I can totally see myself in her face and gigantic feet. I’m getting to know her, to be able to tell how she feels by how she behaves. When something bugs her she transforms into a kung-fu master, kicking and punching the air like she’s reenacting a scene from Fists of Fury. What’s more, interacting with her is giving me a bunch of writing ideas I’m going to play around with come August when I have a month off school. I don”t know if it’ll be anything good, but it’s better than the whopping nothing which is what I am writing now.

Anyways, it’s 5:30 now and I might as well get some studying done before I have to work. I can’t wait for the night when she sleeps a full eight hours.

Yours in constant fatigue,