Talking God In Fiction: The Perfect Way to Start a Fight

Before I start I want to thank Sofia and James for following my blog. Sofia blogs with three other writers about books and writing and all sorts of sweet stuff, while James has a YA novel called Seiðman (It’s got Vikings!) coming out in 2013. You guys are forever my favorites for following.

So a couple of days ago I posted something on this here bloggity blog about hitting the Internets with a blog tour. The purpose of blog tours, as some of you nice folks might know, is to get your voice to a bunch of peeps who’ve likely got no clue as to who you are.

I was perusing the webs today and found a blog tour post on Marissa Meyer’s blog (she’s the author of the NYT best seller, Cinder) from Aaron Michael Ritchey, author of The Never Prayer (it comes out today from Crescent Moon Press). Ritchey’s post is all about religion and spirituality in fiction–the kind of stuff that gets people ready to throw down in fisticuffs, you know? Normally I stay shy on the subject of god(s) because of how people tend to get their panties in a twist, but I’d say this post is def worth a looksie.

What’s your take on spirituality in fiction? Do stories involving god get you super stoked or ticked off?