Words and Food

Things are crazy busy for me right now. I’m wrapping up chapter eighteen of my book right now–well not literally right now, but it’s going to be done by tonight–and I’m looking at submitting an application to another MFA program. On top of that, I’ve also been submitting stories to zines, trying to keep up on this blog, writing lesson plans for a couple of workshops I’m leading at work, and finishing end-of-quarter papers for my classes.

Like I said, I’m busy.

Despite being totally swamped, things are awesome right now. This book is really coming along great. I’m cranking out at least fifteen hundred words a day which is not too shabby considering how much other stuff I have going on. What’s more, when my classes are super slow I spend time doing light revisions. Multi-tasker in the house! I’ve worked through the first chapter and a half so far and I keep catching little stuff that needs to be reworked or cut out. A lot of writers say going back and editing before the manuscript is done is a serious no-no, but I find that it can be pretty useful. Then again, I might get through this thing and find that I totally regret what I’ve done. If that happens, I’ll write a blog post about how wrong I was. I guess we’ll see.

But enough about my writing. Just this morning I finished So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld (check out his blog). To be honest with you, I was not that stoked with this book. I found myself having to trudge through long sections of it. Honestly, had I not been so pleased with his other work, I probably wouldn’t have finished it.

I got turned onto So Yesterday after readingĀ The Uglies a month or so ago. I was all about that book even though there’s a whole slew of people on Goodreads who absolutely loathe the whole series. Most cite his transparent metaphors as their main gripe, which I think is a little l4m3. Just because Westerfeld didn’t write about Tally waking up one morning as a cockroach doesn’t mean that the book is bad. I mean, it’s a young adult book, people! Give the guy a break.

Anyways, I’m hungry. I need some pizza and pecan pie. Maybe I’ll get some ice cream too? Who knows. I’ve got a lot of writing to do tonight–another 600 words to hit my goal–and I’m going to need to keep my energy up.

I think I’ll get the ice cream.