Fantasy Fridays: Who Said It?

I wanted you to take one thing away from yesterday’s quote: the Dude abides.

Now time for some fantasy awesomeness for you to guess!

“When I was your age, television was called books.”


Fantasy Friday: Who said It?

Do you remember the scene in Planet of the Apes where Charleton Heston said the quote from yesterday? That thing was wicked epic, right? He’s all pissed off, throwing bows as the apes lace him up and toss him into the monkey jail. Then they have their whole tribunal  thing to figure out where the hairless wonder came from. Seriously though, that movie was fricken awesome, but it’s got nothing on some Soylent Green.

But anyways, enough about my president (kidding!). Onward to the quote!

“The end is near. I hear a noise at the door, as of some immense slippery body lumbering against it. It shall not find me. God, that hand! The window! The window!”

Fantasy Friday: Who Said It?

Did you guess the one from yesterday? If you did, I love you a little more than I did before. That quote was from my main man Hoban “Wash” Washburn, the pilot on a little Firefly-class shipper that does work around the Rim worlds. Captained by a Malcom Reynolds, I believe. You might have heard of him. He’s kind of a big deal.

Anyways, check out this bad mamajama and let me know what you think.

“Honor from death,” I snap, “is a myth. Invented by the war torn to make sense of the horrific. If we die, it will be so that others may live. Truly honorable death, the only honorable death, is one that enables life.”

Fantasy Fridays: Who Said It?

Did you guess that yesterday’s quote was from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy? I know that I might catch some nasty glances for saying this, but I am so ridiculously stoked on this movie. And did you know they’re making a sequel? I don’t know how I feel about it. Sequels can be totally sweet, but it seems like with a movie like Anchorman they’re going to have to retell a bunch of the same jokes. How many times can milk be a bad choice, you know?

Take a guess at this fantasy quote for today. Hint: it’s also a boob-infested TV series from HBO.

“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”

Fantasy Fridays: Who Said It?


Yesterday’s words of awesome were from Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now. A couple years ago I found out this movie was based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, this crazy story about the mad European scramble to colonize Africa. The book is pretty legit but sometimes I felt like I was dragging my feet through it.

Now guess where this is from.

“So she had passed her childhood, like a half-wild cat.”