In Japan, People Think I’m Godzilla

Have you heard the good news? I’m going to Japan!

Okay, that’s not true. I want to go to Japan really bad and I’m hoping that my wanting to go will somehow magically translate into a plane ticket and/or a pre-paid hotel reservation. See, my wife entered this contest for an all-expenses-paid trip to the Land of the Rising Sun and I really really hope we win. Granted, there’s probably like a one in a bajillion chance that we’ll actually win, but like I said, I’m hoping that the patron saint of Japanese sweepstakes winners will take special note of my wanting to go.

You might be wondering, “Why does this weirdo want to go to Japan so bad, huh?”

To which I would say, “Don’t call me a weirdo, weirdo!”

Seriously though, I want to go so bad because I know what a funtastic place it is. My wife and I went there a couple of years ago and it was fricken amazing. Besides being the tallest person in the entire country (I’m six and a half feet tall) there seemed like an endless string of things to do over there–Shibuya 109, for example. Plus, being extra tall in Japan that means I never have to wait in line with all the people running and screaming whenever I come lumbering down the street. Being green and scaly helps too, I guess.

The thing about going to a foreign country is that everything seems so exotic. Perfect example: our trip to Denny’s for pancakes. You’d think a Denny’s would be the same no matter where you’d go, right? No, sir. That place was totally bizzaro. It still had the  run-down vibe you’d get from a regular Denny’s except for that it was all futuristic looking.

Make sure to hide your sports almanac before going to Future Denny's.

I  felt like we’d stepped onto the set of Back to the Future II–like it was some 1980’s vision of what the future was supposed to look like. Our waitress–who looked like Biff, incidentally–took our order with an old-school Palm Pilot looking thing and when the food was done she brought it out on a hoverboard. Okay, that part isn’t true, but that’d be totally sweet, am I right?

On a totally non-Japanese note, I cranked out a solid 1,200 or so words on the second draft of my novel today. I finished the first chapter last night and now I’m bumbling my way into chapter numero dos.  Like I wrote in my other entries, I’m taking a totally different approach to how I roll with this deal–not plotting so much, revising a little as I go along, asking my wife for feedback–and thus far it seems to be working pretty darn well. Granted, it’s only the second chapter but I think if I stay on course like this I’ll have a much more coherent second draft to revise.

That’s it for tonight. I’m dead tired and I need to crash. I had this nasty dream last night that I broke a molar and I woke up all freaked about my teeth.

So yeah, maybe you weren’t far off the mark calling me a weirdo earlier.

[I found that picture of Future Denny’s here.]