Guest Posts, Free Comics, and Losing Interest in Insurgent

What’s good, people? I’m hitting this bloggity blog thing around 11:50 PM because I have been wicked swamped with a million and a half things this weekend. However, I do have some super sweet shiznit to drop on here that I’m excited for!

So first, I talked to another writer friend of mine and he has agreed to do a guest post on my blog. Hooray! My first guest post! I’m kind of stoked about it–mostly just because I think it’s super cool that someone actually wants to do a guest post on here. That guest post thingy should be coming as soon as this week (hint hint, mysterious friend) but we’ll see because I know he is fricken busy hyping his book to the masses. Me, I’d love to do a guest post, but seeing as I’m haven’t really done much to warrant someone asking me I’m not really expecting the requests to start pouring in.

Second thingy to talk about is how awesome Free Comic Book Day was. Not only did I pick up a Firefly book for FREE, I also picked up the first few issues of Animal Man in trade, albeit not free. That’s okay though because everybody is talking about how this Animal Man book is dope as all get out so I’m pretty much looking forward to getting into it and seeing what’s up. Here’s a link to the covers of a couple free Dark Horse comics they were giving out. The Serenity one is there, plus a badass Star Wars book.

Third order of business, I still haven’t finished Insurgent. I don’t know what it is but I have kind of stalled out on this book. And seeing as I’m the sort of dude that doesn’t giving a flying frakk about dropping a book midway through if it starts to suck..well, you can guess where that’s going. Like I said in my post the other day, the first half of the book was pretty sweet (especially the description of Candor headquarters). I just hope something starts to happen besides the blah blah blah of Tris’ internal dialogue. Just sayin’.

And last, I have two things, which I guess means that there is one more thing and then the next thing is last. Okay, you know what I mean so stop trying to confuse me. The first (of the last) is that I want to thank a new follower to the bloggity, The Armchair Author. I’m not sure if said Author of Armchairs is a lady or a fella, but thanks a lot for the follow, you evader of gender denotative pronouns. The last of the last two things was that my book is progressing again. Finally, right? I don’t know what it was but my writing took a nose dive into a pile of bricks the other day and I’m just now getting back into the groove. Good times, right? You ever get into one of those not-sweet grooves where your creativity seems to have packed it’s handmade vintagey carpetbag and split town?

So that’s it, human people. I forgot to mention that I might lay off the quotes for a while because I feel like it’s taking away from other stuff and I don’t know if anyone really even gives a crap about them. I guess I’d be willing to keep them going if you guys like them. Otherwise it’s ix-nay on the otes-quay.


The Avengers, Joss Whedon, and How Hollywood Has Screwed Stuff Up

Can you feel the radtastic?What up, duders? Me, I’m just relaxin’ all cool, shooting some b-ball outside of the school. Okay, actually I’m hunched over a computer, trying to contain my excitement for the new Avengers movie! How cool is it that Joss Whedon (creator of Firefly, Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, Dollhouse, writer for Astonishing X-Men, and writer/maker/all around doer of a whole crap load of other stuff) is the guy who wrote AND directed the thing? I doubleplus love pretty much everything that Whedon has touched so I know I’m going to like this thing too. Don’t believe me? Then check out this L.A. Times review of it that gives Whedon pretty much all the credit for how awesome the movie was. Read it and despair, Ye Naysayer!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been super stoked on all the comic book movies they’ve been cranking out these past few years (with the exception of the Spider-man movies which were pretty much l4m3). I don’t know if it’s the amount of money they’re dumping into the movie budgets or the wicked advanced special effects, but either way they’ve come a long way from Adam West and his total fail at being Batman.

“Whoa there, sourpuss,” you say. “Watch your tongue when you’re talking about Adam ‘The Bat’ West. That guy was the original Batman.”

Yeah, yeah. I know he was the O.G. of the thing, but that doesn’t change a thing in my mind. Just think about the way Batman was portrayed in those early displays of caped crusading. Seriously, is some billionaire running around Gotham in a bat costume going to really be the picture of mental health that West played? Negatory, mon ami. He’s going to be off, you know? Like, having-lots-of-issues-that-warrant-psychiatric-evaluation kind of off. If anything, Christian Bale did the most legit job of showing the sketchy thought process of Batman, albeit not to the next level of obsessiveness that Bruce Wayne shows in the comics.

Now that I think about it, there was a similar thing that happened in the first Battlestar Galactica series. They made all the humans in that show have this whole frisky sort of happiness thing going on, which is totally weird because they’re literally trying to avert the demise of humanity. But the reboot–that thing got it right! The characters in that were always pissed about something. You had Starbuck literally taking swings at Saul, the XO of the ship, while Helo–the baby boy biatch who fell in love with a frakking Cylon–was going totally nuts to protect his glowy-spined girlfriend and their hybrid love child. The people on BSG were on edge, man. But why wouldn’t they be? They were being pursued by a bloodthirsty fleet of cyborgs who are dropping a galactic jihad on humanity. Who wouldn’t be a little stressed in a situation like that?

What do you guys think about this? Are there any shows/movies based on a book or a comic that felt totally lamesville?

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YA, Comics, Writing, & Reboots: Blogging About Everything at Once

What’s the good word, peoples? It’s Wednesday again, my second day of the week for some bloggity blog action. This is the second Wednesday I’ve stuck to my new plan (take that, blog laziness!) and so I’m pretty stoked on that. And seeing as I haven’t been cranking out the bloggity blog posts so much lately, I have a grip of stuff write about.

First, I need to do some griping about this new let’s-reboot-everything-ever-made mentality that has been rocking through Hollywood. You already know what I mean. Those buns of sitches are redoing Red Dawn, Superman, Battlestar Galactica, and Spiderman (again). They’re even ruining rebooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, except the four bros won’t be mutants, but aliens.

Aliens? Are you effing kidding me? How are there going to be turtles from another planet? Granted, pizza crazed mutant turtles with the ability to process speech and walk upright is a bit of a stretch, but it’s a stretch I grew up loving so that makes it okay. The point is that I’ve got a deep emotional connection to this stuff and these rapscallions are twisting them up for their own evil goals. It’s a travesty, man. As the Dude would say, “This aggression will not stand, man!”

Okay, maybe it’ll stand. But that doesn’t mean I won’t gripe about it some more. Moving on.

In other new releases, I’m kinda sorta super stoked to go and check out Joss Whedon’s new movie, The Cabin in the Woods. For reals, I am a total fanboy when it comes to pretty much all things created by The Whedon. I’ve been getting into watching Dollhouse lately and it is actually pretty legit. Lots of people seem to hate on that show because the first season was wicked slow, but if you let it get into the second season you’ll get your head flipped becase of how wild the plot gets going. As for The Cabin in the Woods, my wife saw it the other day (without me! WTF is that?) and came back with a little bit of a meh review as to how it ended. She did say the rest of the movie was solid–kind of a mish-mash of different horror characters and weird blood sacrifice stuff. And seriously, when has blood sacrifice ever been a bad thing?

As for my book, the thing is coming along at a decent pace. It’s weird because this time around I feel like I’m learning a whole new way to write a book (maybe it’s because I’m learning a whole new way to write a book?) and the process of doing it is as frustrating and gratifying as the first one. I’m still barely over 30,000 words but that’s only because I had to go back and make some serious changes to what I’d written at about the 10,000 word mark. You know how characters can get, right? Getting all screwy as the story comes along. I was going to leave them be and fix it all when the draft is done but I just couldn’t leave the bastards be. It gnawed on me for so long that I had to go back and rewrite the whole damn chapter to make things work.

Anyways, that’s about it. I want to say thanks to my dude at Five Reflections for following my blog. You rule, dude.

Okay two last things:

  1. You really ought to check out this newish comic from Image called Saga, written by one of the guys who wrote for Lost (I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing on your opinion, but whatever). Here’s a link to this article about it that you should really click because it will make your life more rich and full.
  2. The Never Prayer is wicked sweet so far and I’m super stoked I picked it up. I’m going to have a full review of this thing when I get done, but that might be a while because I’m reading a gazillion things right now.

That’s it. Scott, out.

It’s Comic Book Convention Time!

Dood, I’m in the middle of a total nerdgasm because in less than one week I’m going to the Emerald City Comicon. Let me explain how ridiculously awesome this is going to be, okay?

Firefly veterans Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau are going to be there, along with Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead. And if that wasn’t enough, James and Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins), and Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama from BSG) are going to be up in that shiznit too!

At this point you might be thinking, “WTF does this have to do with writing?” Well, Doubtful Reader, let me drop some super sweet knowledge for your brain meats. There are going to be a whole bunch of panels with comic book creators and writers on how they do things. The panel I’m most looking forward to is called “Building Your Fortress of Solitude: Creative Habits in the Face of Isolation” which is all about how professional creative folk have hammered out their own style of getting things done. Are you with me on how awesome that is? I hope so.

My excitement level can be expressed through the following mathematical equation:

excitement = AWESOME x ∞

I don’t even think that equation makes sense, but whatever. I think you get that things are going to be epic.

Even though I’m soooo looking forward to seeing all the big stars from shows and movies that I’m into, I’m especially stoked for that panel. Hearing how other creative people have been successful in their work is a seriously dope way to steal their ideas and incorporate it into my own master plans (MUAHAHA!). I’m going to be in the front row with a pen, paper, audio recorder, and maybe a digital camera to catch every word coming out of their mouths.

Have any of you been to any kind of convention before? If so, which one? I was thinking about hitting Norwescon–a Northwest sci-fi and fantasy convention–this year but decided Comicon and Sakura-con–a Northwest anime convention–would offer more fanboy/cosplay shenanigans.

Last, I want to do my usual “THANKS!” to some new followers. Thank you, Meagan Mac and Yu. Meagan’s blog nails it with some dope book reviews and insights into writing, while Yu’s blog is packed with pictures of Japanese cosplay. Check them out!