Onward to Kindleville?

With the book so close to being done I want to keep rolling out the updates on how things are progressing. So far I’m still a bit torn on the route I want to go but I did read this interesting post from H.D. Knightley who submitted and got passed over in the Kindle Scout program. Her experience with the whole deal was a little less than positive, so it’s definitely got me thinking about if I ought to go that route. Basically her take on it is that authors are giving Amazon traffic by driving votes for their books to your Kindle Scout campaign and why the hell should we be doing that? Give it a read if you want to know more of the details.

Second, I’ve gotten more feedback from beta readers and the consensus is that they really like the dialogue. This has me ultra-stoked because I thought the dialogue was fairly clever while writing it, but seeing as it’s my writing I don’t tend to be objective.

Last — well, second to last — I’ve been lurking hard on some book review blogs for anyone willing to check out my book and let me tell you that there are not a ton of folks who want anything to do with people who self-pub. What a bummer, right? I guess it makes sense from their point of view because they probably get flooded with total crap and it’s not their job to sort through a slush pile when publishers are sending them ARCs for their perusing pleasure. I’m still a little salty at book bloggers as a collective entity.

Lastly — for real this time — I want to say shank you to my new followers. New followers are the best part of blogging. The feeling of scheduling a blog entry, forgetting about, and then getting new follows is ordering something on Amazon, forgetting you ordered it, and then coming home to find the package on your front porch. It rules.


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