My Post about a Post about how to Ask Strangers for Favors

So with my novel now in the hands of ten or so beta readers I’ve been racking the old brain meats for what to do next. Should I, A.) Keep on with the working draft of the sequel? B.) Start start scheming on how to get my book into readers who aren’t obligated to like me because they’re my friends and family? C.)  Stew in my own special broth of anxiety (two parts fear of being judged, one part fear of the future) until the betas come back with reviews?

Oh, the choices.

Rather than be a worry wart or put time into a draft that may end up being a total rewrite I’ve decided on option B. With that in mind, I clicked the trusty ole’ Search button on the side of my blog admin page and started hunting for answers on how one goes about finding book bloggers who might be willing to give my humble tome a shot. I found a few useful posts — and a few, well, less than useful posts — but the cream of the crop is a post from the blog of Cinthia Ritchie on how to not piss off book bloggers entitled, “How to not piss off a book blogger when requesting a review.”

Apropos much?

Anyways, if you’re looking for the same sort of advice on how to not anger internet strangers when you’re asking for their help I’d suggest giving it a go. Also take a peek at the blog of the very nice lady who did the interview for the post, Julie Valerie, right here.


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