Working Draft Might not be Working

After plugging away on this damn rewrite I am officially about 75% through it. Pretty dope, right?

Well, yes and no. The good news is that I actually like what I’m reading. The poop news is that I think this big bastard is going to end up sitting around 120k words even after revisions. That, amigos, is no bueno.

From what I understand — which is, admittedly, very little — for a first time author (see: the guy writing this blog poat on his phone) 120k is a teensy bit heavy for YA. That leaves me with a few choices on where to go with this thing:

1. Trim off about 20k-30k but that’s a horrible idea.

2. Self-publish the whole thing in that true punk DIY ethic.

3. Cut the novel in 2 and self-publish with said ethic.

4. Say screw it and pitch it anyways

Right now I don’t have any idea which to choose but I’m getting so damn close to finishing this thing that I’ve got to figure to out real soon, man. If anyone has a thought, or even multiple thoughts, I’m open to hearing them.


3 thoughts on “Working Draft Might not be Working

  1. My feeling, Scott, is that if a story needs 120K words, then that’s what it needs. I worked with a writer once who was trying to get his book down to an arbitrary word count and, to me, he was chopping out all the depth and filling it with “telling” to get the reader through the scenes. That said, tightening and a look at pacing is well worth the time and effort. It sounds like you might be ready for other eyes on your work. Be sure to get feedback from beta readers who will be honest with you.

    On the publishing end, I just switched all my books from trad-published to indie-published. Best move ever, for me, on all levels. If you’re interested, I’ll be posting the results next week as well as links to the reasons why I made the change. Happy Writing (and editing)!

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