Halfway Done!

As of tonight I am 43,000 words into my 75,000 word goal! Whoa, right? It’s crazy that I’ve been able to get this much done while still taking a full load of graduate level coursework and being a pretty solid dad and husband. All in all I’m pretty proud of myself.

This experience has also made me think a ton about going back and reworking another manuscript I have. It was this little YA ditty I wrote about a girl who, living in a world where title and societal role is passed from parent to child, is forced by tradition into a role of leadership. It’s all about how she doesn’t want to take on the role and how she deals with the pressure of being forced to live a life she doesn’t desire. The first draft left me feeling less than stoked when I first finished it, but having gone through this process of writing has me thinking that maybe I ought to reexamine what I wrote. This current manuscript is going to need some serious rewriting so it doesn’t seem too crazy to take on rewriting the previous story as well. I reread the first couple of chapters and it doesn’t suck nearly as badly as I remember, so that’s something. Plus, the first draft is about 125,000 words and I loathe the idea of all that work going to waste.


2 thoughts on “Halfway Done!

  1. Glad to see you’re back to blogging! Your posts are giving me hope that I can still manage to write even though I’ve just started a full-time job. So far, I haven’t figured out how to fit it in my schedule, but you sound way busier than I am, so there must be a way.

    Is your current book YA also?

    • Heyya!

      Sorry for the waaaaay late response but life has been nuts. I finished the 1st year of my master’s though so just one more year to go.

      The new book is not YA. It’s a bit darker and sort of surreal — I guess magical realism? I got inspired to write it after reading The Library at Mount Char which is a killer read if you haven’t seen it. However, I am almost done revising my very first novel which is definitely YA.

      As far as writing, I have had to really scale down the amount of writing I do and use the time I do have very efficiently. I write at specific times and nothing keeps me from it.

      I hope your writing/working is going well!

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