What’s the Best Place to Live and Why is it Your Town?

You know what’s one of the dopest things about being in school for as long as I have? It’s totally legit to procrastinate on major decisions. Questions about where we’ll eventually live or how to crawl out from my crippling pile of student loans are easily pushed to the same dark corner of my brain where I hide my memory of the one time I left the house wearing my clothes backwards because I wanted to be Kriss Kross.

Normally I’d love to just keep pretending that I don’t have to worry about the future, except things just ain’t normal right now, dude. I’m about a month away from finishing my very first year of grad school (hooray!) which means I have just one single year left (oh god why?!?!?). That means I not only need to figure out the whole student loan business, but I gots to figure out where in the US of A we’re gonna live. And since figuring out where I want to live is way more fun than brooding about owing money to The Man, I’ll stick to looking at neighborhoods in the cities I like.

Number one on the list right now is New Orleans. Living in the South isn’t generally something I get super stoked on, but there’s something wicked cool about NOLA that I just love love love! Last time there we stayed in the French Quarter right off Bourbon, and while I’m a 0/10 on the nastiness that is Bourbon Street, I am down as frick with the rest of the city. Maybe it’s the voodoo talking, but I couldn’t help feeling that those were my people. Plus, Anne Rice lived there (or lives there still?) so I’m thinking I could probably use dark magic to help me leach some of her awesome power. A boy can dream, can’t he?

Okay, folks, I’d really like is to see some recommendations for other cities. Why do you love your town, and why should I move there?


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