In the Wake of Tragedy

This week I had a post about writing planned out, but in light of everything that’s been going on in Boston I feel like it might be worth saying a few things about what’s been going through my head. More than anything my thoughts have been centered around the victims and their families, of everything they’ve gone through so far and that they’ll have to endure in the future.

Here’s a link to Boston One Fund, a relief organization set up to help offset the financial burden of those most affected by the bombing. I also found a few companies that are selling their goods and giving 100% of the proceeds to Boston One Fund:

Boston Celtics:

Man Overboard (band):

Still Tees (a Norfolk t-shirt company)

Bridge Nine Records:

Boston Bruins:

Old Whaling Company:




1 thought on “In the Wake of Tragedy

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to the marathon before, and it is so baffling to me that an event with so much joy turned into something so tragic and terrifying for the people of Boston last week.

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