I’m Knockin’ the Dust Off This Here Bloggity Blog

Hello there, all my estranged bloggity blog friends! I’m back up in this biznatch, having had to abstain from the blogosphere in order to fight off a particularly virulent strain of whooping cough. Ok, that’s not true. I’ve been totally healthy save for a case of awesome-pox (HA!). I pretty much just flaked off blogging because I got busy doing other stuff. But now that the other stuff has been pwned into submission I can start blogging like a boss hoss. So prepare yourself, bloggy minions, for in the near to very-near future, I am about to drop the bloggy hotness.

That’s right, Broseph McBroski. It’s about to get really real up in this thing.

What do I mean by “really real?” Well, dude, I’m talking about the next-level of bloggity awesomeness. I’m talking about blog entries that make you want to drop it like it’s hot. The kind of blog entries that make you want to quit your job and join a twerk team. You know what I’m talking about. I want to drop the sort of blog entry that jolts you with those good vibrations all the way from your toes on up to your feminine gelatin–or, if you prefer, your masculine margarine.

Ewww. I just grossed myself out with that masculine margarine line.

Srsly though, all grossness aside, I am getting back into the swing of things here. I feel like a total doucher for stepping away from this blog for such long stretch so now I want to get back into the thing. Maybe not cranking out blog entries like I was a couple of months ago, but definitely enough to keep in touch with you internet folk. I feel like staying current on this blog helps me focus my energy into my book which is the real point of doing any of this stuff, right? Right.


4 thoughts on “I’m Knockin’ the Dust Off This Here Bloggity Blog

    • I know, right? Me too! It’s just that things have gotten busy like whoa. After prepping for this math assessment test I went and enrolled in an accelerated course for the summer that is making me its biatch.

    • Psssht! If I got abducted you would definitely know about it because as soon as those probe-happy aliens dropped me back on this rock I’d go all Fox Mulder on them.

      That’s right, Smoking Man. I’ve got your number, bro.

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