What’s A Fella Gotta Do To Get Some Writing Done In Here?

Yo! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted something on this here bloggity blog so I figured it was about time to get to the thing. It’s the end of the quarter so my life just got a bucket of business dumped on it with my finals. But that’s not all, dudes. Seeing as I work in the library at my school things get double plus hectic for me when the entire student body comes in with questions about how to build a citation in APA format.

“Poor youngling,” I say. “Discover the awesome power that is Son of a Citation Machine!”

Honestly though, it’s not so bad having people come into the library for help. Walking students through their academic panic attacks is sort of fun as long as you stay calm and remember that it’s their term paper they’re mad at, not you.

I am sort of stoked for the quarter to come to an end though because I’ve been having serious troubles getting back on track with my book. I feel like studying maths for a while totally kicked my brain off the creative tracks I was rolling on for a fricken year. And as this is the first time I’ve had to switch gears and put the writing on hold, I’m not sure if it’s a normal deal for my brain to get all wonky.

So yep, that’s that, I guess. I’m thinking maybe I need to read a sweet ass book to really get things cooking again, you know? I was kind of digging on Veronica Roth’s Insurgent until I totally lost interest. For reals though, the main character, Tris, was so effing whiney that it made me want to punch a puppy. Don’t be shocked. I’m just keeping it real.

Any suggestions on a book to pick up? Well, any suggestions that aren’t Batman, that is. I’m already on that one.

tl;dr Life is busy, my brain won’t make good writey words, and I need a new book to start reading.


11 thoughts on “What’s A Fella Gotta Do To Get Some Writing Done In Here?

  1. Well, it truly depends on what you like, no? There’s one book titled “Time Riders” by Alex Scarrow that’s pretty interesting, and hmmm… I’m currently about to start something called “The City of Dreaming Books” by Walter Moers. I can’t vouch for it yet, but it looks great.

    • I’m pretty much down with most sci-fi and fantasy as long as it’s fast paced. My wifey keeps trying to get me to read Game of Thrones but I’m not trying to kick off a million page fantasy marathon right now. I think I just need something quick and fun to get my brain juices flowing.

  2. Well, I don’t know what category you’re looking for, but if you’re still in the mood for YA, “Feed” by M.T. Anderson is pretty good. I haven’t finished it, though. Erich warns me that it’s grim.

    • Grim? I can get into that. I don’t mind a dark story as long as it’s well written. Actually, I’m down to read pretty much anything as long as it’s good. If I’d had to guess whether or not I’d have like Girl of Fire and Thorns I would have said, “Heavens no!” But seriously, maybe ten pages into the thing I was so in love with the book that I was ready to have its illegitimate lovechild.

      Yeah. That just happened.

  3. I hear ya, Scott. I have been slapped with de-motivation. But I’ve been busy, travelling, even sleeping. I know, sleep. It’s nice. Sleep is so nice. That’s why people die, I think, so they can sleep. Writing is part whip and part whipped cream. A sweet ass book? How about THE GIVER? The beginning is awesome. And I’m reading THE LIGHTNING THIEF and it’s fun. Not as good as Harry Potter, but good. Not sweet ass, though. Dude, pick up either LONESOME DOVE or ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. They will keep you out of trouble. And sweet ass, they are the very definition. I’m reading a western, FROM HELL TO BREAKFAST, by Dusty Richards. It’s sweet ass as well, and short.

  4. I’ll bet all the money I have (which isn’t much) that you’ve already read READY PLAYER ONE, but if on the off chance you have not, you must immediately.

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