Hitting the Sweet Spot in Writing

I can be a serious weirdo sometimes, you know that? For reals, peeps, there are times when I can be Mr. Nutjob. Take, for example, when I’m writing. Sometimes when I’m on a roll with some passage or piece of writing I have a tendency to get a little spooked with the prospect of stopping. It’s like I’m afraid I’ll jinx the process–as if there’s some kind of writerly magic going down that I’m going to throw a wrench into, you know?

Perfect example: writing. When I get on one–I mean really get trucking on a good bout of storytelling–I’m always worried about breaking whatever habit I’m in at the moment that is producing that great stuff. I will get totally wacked with it too, hitting the same coffee shop at the exact same time and ordering whatever I had the last time I was on a roll. And if someone is in my chair–and by “my chair” I just mean the one I was sitting in yesterday when I hit the word count lotto–they better look out because I’m about to toss a whole box of stink eye across the room at them. Things are about to get loco up in this piece! Anything goes when I’m trying to keep writing like a boss.

So what about you? Do you get all schizo when it comes to your “special place” or are you the type who can plop your cakes in a chair and tap out some genius no matter where you are?


8 thoughts on “Hitting the Sweet Spot in Writing

  1. NOBODY better mess with my special place. I have a couple special places in fact. My primary “special place” is in the floor, back against the sofa with my laptop on the coffee table. I can work with things going on, whether the kids are playing video games, or the hubs is watching golf – whatever. I have my tunes and my ear buds, I’m good. Then it happens. I get up to stretch my legs and refill the coffee, when I come back one of the girls has taken my spot or the hubs is now stretched out on the sofa, and his KNEE is where my back should be. Ever heard the line “IF mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”? Yes, I think it’s a conspiracy to keep me from my addiction and my mood can turn sour in a snap. My backup special places work when the muse allows but when you’re in the “zone”, it’s got to be THE place, with the same deets. I”m with you man! If only the rest of the crew would get on board!

  2. Just so you know, my favourite writing place is in my hammock with a pillow and my moleskin notebook.
    But something funny happened this week that answers your question in a better way – I was at work and I happened to borrow a pen off someone’s desk to write a quick note to them (they were not in their office). Handling that pen I felt a spark of.. I don’t know.. it felt a bit like when Harry Potter chooses the right wand in Ollivander’s — know what I mean? So I waited around for the person to come back and asked if I could borrow the pen and walk across the street to the Grand & Toy to buy one just like it. Suffice to say the man gifted me the pen (with a quizzical blessing) and now I have a new pen for writing brilliance with! Oh, and this has happened to me before – the Ollivander-wand thing, not the waiting around for owners of pens thing.

    By the way, that story there is meant to prove how nutty writers are.. or at least I am.
    Accept it. Embrace it. Share it with your friends. Or at least with the guy in the office whose pen you covet.

    • Pen theft and hammocks? Sign me up. That is definitely my kind of crazy.

      On an unrelated note, I was at a friend’s house the other night and made myself sick swinging back and forth on the hammock. Not cool.

  3. I have an writing desk set up in the corner of our library and that’s where I prefer to write these days. But sometimes I’ll take my laptop to a cafe for a while. As long as nobody is bothering me, it’s good, though the music on the speaker system can be distracting. The closest I have to a ritual is that I usually want a cup of coffee to start out.

    • I always wonder if I would get more done if I had a dedicated room with a desk in it. I just imagine myself at this massive oak desk, tapping away at the keys while I sip at a cup of coffee. The reality of the thing though is that I would likely get sick of it in a week and end up sitting on the floor with my back to the wall.

  4. Same, same for me. I sometimes go sniffing around for the perfect spot, and sometimes it’s on the back porch, sometimes it’s at the coffee shop, sometimes it’s in the garage. I never know. But I can get like that.. But in the end, I have to write, and if that means I have to work at a place I hate, well, it’s about getting the words on the page. By any means necessary. And if you have to fist-a-cuffs the guy out of your chair, well, do it. The police won’t understand. But we will.

    • I pity the fool who tried to take my seat!

      No, but seriously I get real weird about where I sit. When I go into a coffee shop–and there are only certain coffee shops I can write at–I need to make sure that I get a table that is big enough that I can fit my notebooks, coffee, laptop, pens, and phone comfortably on it. That might be a problem considering I don’t live in a huge town, except for that in the Pacific Northwest there is always a coffee shop within spitting distance.

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