Stuff For Wasting Time When You Ought To Be Writing

Who doesn’t love the feeling of being productive? Crazy people and communists, that’s who. You writers know what I mean, it’s the cat’s meow when you’re tapping away at the keys, singing “Taking Care of Business” in your head as you experience a jacked up level of inner-awesome at what a fricken machine you are when it comes to doing work.

But not every day is productive, is it? Not a chance, baby. Some days you slump down in your chair and stare at the screen, don’t you? You agonize over the details of your characters (would my MC really make a pass at that hunky lifeguard in chapter two?), or word choice (is bootylicious even a word?), or even whether your science-fantasy-dramedy-thriller is going to blow the world’s collective mind the way you’d planned.

Here’s the deal: some days are going the totally suck. Old school Hoover vacuum cleaners kind of suck, okay? Expressed mathematically that’s, like, suck2, or something.

Some days you are going to want to cast your laptop into the bottomless maw from whence bad writing doth never return. It’s okay though. They happen to all of us. When I hit those days I shut down Word and hit the interwebs for some fun. You like fun, don’t you? Of course you do. Unless you’re a communist, or course. Communists are nothing but a bunch of fun-hating bastards.

Here’s a list of my new time wasting/brain unwinding websites for those moments when I find myself in a sketchy neighborhood of Sucksville:

The Zoomable Scale of Everything — Want to know how big you are compared to one of Jupiter’s moons? Then come forward, young inquisitor, and prepare to be wowed!

Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party — Never have I seen two men who love partying so much. They have a portable FM transmitter–and by portable I mean one of them can wear it as a backpack–that they bring to a set location in some city. Everybody who shows up brings a boombox, tunes into the channel they’re broadcasting on, and then the mobile party ensues. More people, more music, more awesome–that’s exponentially fun, bro.

xkcd — The site’s title reads: “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” I can’t say it better than that. This one is dripping with awesome.

Snorg Tees — These t-shirts are never not funny (unless you’re a commie).

Chart Porn — If you like the graphical representation of data then you’ll love this! no, really, it’s a bunch of charts about stuff. If that doesn’t sound fun, move along (communist).

Pottermore — I need to get trucking along in my Pottermore journey because I haven’t even been sorted yet, dude. Shenanigans, I know. From what I hear this site is to Potter fans what cake is to fat kids, so go get on that biatch and make yourself sick.

People of Walmart — If you’ve got a better place for looking at the crappy lower back tattoos of rural America, I’d like to know.

garfield minus garfield — This dude took a bunch of Garfield comics and got rid of that stupid obese cat so now John just looks like a nutjob. Genius!

r/funny — So many lulz in one place. Still one of favs.

Got any other suggestions for places to go on the internets? Holler back, girl (or boy, but not communists).


9 thoughts on “Stuff For Wasting Time When You Ought To Be Writing

  1. OMG! This is rich! Always a wealth of funny videos for distraction at youtube! People of Walmart – shivers! Some freaky stuff that! Never been to Pottermore, but the rest um, yeah! Do you really want me to share all the sites I visit?? All in the name of research of course! Hun, I am the master of avoidance, time wasting and study of all things useless.

  2. XKCD is absolutely brilliant. And I’ve played around with the the Zoomable Scale and Pottermore. But apart from Facebook and all of the myriad Failblog pages, I try not to waste too much time. I do find myself “researching” stuff that comes up in my stories, though, and that can lead to time-consuming distractions. If I really want to waste time — which I do, on occasion — I just play computer games.

    • I totally get distracted in the course of my “research.” Of course, by “research” I actually mean “looking up stuff like Nazism and the occult after watching a History channel special about it.”

  3. I think that you’d also like the webcomic Married to the Sea. Absolutely brilliant!
    Also, I lurve me some Pottermore! I’m waiting for the second book to be released, so I haven’t checked it in a little bit. I did really enjoy it, though. As a Harry Potter fan, the site has a lot of nostalgia.

    • Dude, my friend Chad just showed me that! You’re right though–so so funny.

      P.S. If you’re into scienceish stuff and you haven’t looked already you ought to check out that Zoomable Map of Everything. My head almost exploded when I looked at how big the universe is compared to me.

      • That zoomable map made me want to watch all of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series in one sitting, then invent a time machine, so that I could have him teach me everything that he knew.

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