An Abundance of B00Bz: Game of Thrones, Season Two

Dooood! Are any of you keeping up on Game of Thrones this season? No? Well then you are cray-cray ba-nay-nay, man! I just watched the most recent one and it was so off the chain. Lemme drop some of the more serious shiznit that went down.

First off, I think the biggest drama bomb was when the dragons got jacked from Dany Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. Really though, who didn’t see that coming? And did you see that tower they’re taking them to? I’m putting twenty gold pieces down that the bugger who put the Jack move on those dragon babies was that creepy ass wizard who brought his doppleganger to the party in the last episode. And man, you know Dany is about to lose her mind on somebody. That girl gets fired up like whoa, talking about how she’s going to take the Iron Throne back with steel and blood and all sorts of craziness. Yikes.

Drama bomb numero deux: that d-bag Theon Greyjoy–the dude whose dad thinks he’s the king of the Iron Islands–went and took Winterfell while Rob Stark was off fighting the Lannisters. What is that crap, right? That dude is sneakier than Gollum in the mines of Moria. But that isn’t the most wild part. In this episode the chick who played Tonks in Harry Potter gets naked and does the no-pants dance with Theon! Spew, right? Normally I’m down for the abundance of boobage in GoT but not this time. Seeing an HP character get naked and do the wild thing was like walking in on a cousin getting freaky. Not cool, man.

Are any of you following this season of Game of Thrones? If so, what are you thinking of it so far? If you’ve read the books do you think they’re better? Let me know. These are serious questions.


3 thoughts on “An Abundance of B00Bz: Game of Thrones, Season Two

  1. I have yet to finnish reading the entire series, but am working my way through. For me the most impressive thing about the TV adaptation is how similar they are to the books. Sure there are a lot of changes with certain events not taking place or some being incorrect, but the fact that much of the dialogue is litrally word for wrod from the book really impresses me.

  2. THAT’S why she looked so familiar! Oh, geez, now knowing she’s Tonks, Osha in the TV show is just… weird. I adored Tonks, haha.

    Honestly, in the books Dany’s story got a little boring at this point. Her dragons weren’t stolen or anything. It was just blah. But yeah, the TV show does a great job in adding in boobs and adapting the book into a digestible hour-long episodic format. They merge certain battles and characters together (Arya was never a serving girl for Lord Tywin, but she was a serving girl in that location, and everything with Jaquen H’qar is more or less accurate. There are other examples but that one is the simplest). They nixed a lot of minor characters and simplified certain parts, but it all works for the plot. 😀

    By the way, I’m a total Game of Thrones geek.

    • Dude, I’m a total GoT geek too! I’m actually a little hesitant to read the books because I’m afraid the show will have ruined it. Plus, my wife does a killer air violin to the opening credits and I can’t imagine how she could do that for me every time I picked it up to read.

      As for the boobs, I like’em, but you’re right in that they sprinkle the nudity in enough to make the story work. But how effed up is it that Tonks gets naked? Way to ruin the HP series for me, HBO. Now every time I think of Tonks the Auror I am going to think about her and Remus Lupin doing it doggy style.

      Get it? Because he’s a werewolf! Ha!

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