Guest Posts, Free Comics, and Losing Interest in Insurgent

What’s good, people? I’m hitting this bloggity blog thing around 11:50 PM because I have been wicked swamped with a million and a half things this weekend. However, I do have some super sweet shiznit to drop on here that I’m excited for!

So first, I talked to another writer friend of mine and he has agreed to do a guest post on my blog. Hooray! My first guest post! I’m kind of stoked about it–mostly just because I think it’s super cool that someone actually wants to do a guest post on here. That guest post thingy should be coming as soon as this week (hint hint, mysterious friend) but we’ll see because I know he is fricken busy hyping his book to the masses. Me, I’d love to do a guest post, but seeing as I’m haven’t really done much to warrant someone asking me I’m not really expecting the requests to start pouring in.

Second thingy to talk about is how awesome Free Comic Book Day was. Not only did I pick up a Firefly book for FREE, I also picked up the first few issues of Animal Man in trade, albeit not free. That’s okay though because everybody is talking about how this Animal Man book is dope as all get out so I’m pretty much looking forward to getting into it and seeing what’s up. Here’s a link to the covers of a couple free Dark Horse comics they were giving out. The Serenity one is there, plus a badass Star Wars book.

Third order of business, I still haven’t finished Insurgent. I don’t know what it is but I have kind of stalled out on this book. And seeing as I’m the sort of dude that doesn’t giving a flying frakk about dropping a book midway through if it starts to suck..well, you can guess where that’s going. Like I said in my post the other day, the first half of the book was pretty sweet (especially the description of Candor headquarters). I just hope something starts to happen besides the blah blah blah of Tris’ internal dialogue. Just sayin’.

And last, I have two things, which I guess means that there is one more thing and then the next thing is last. Okay, you know what I mean so stop trying to confuse me. The first (of the last) is that I want to thank a new follower to the bloggity, The Armchair Author. I’m not sure if said Author of Armchairs is a lady or a fella, but thanks a lot for the follow, you evader of gender denotative pronouns. The last of the last two things was that my book is progressing again. Finally, right? I don’t know what it was but my writing took a nose dive into a pile of bricks the other day and I’m just now getting back into the groove. Good times, right? You ever get into one of those not-sweet grooves where your creativity seems to have packed it’s handmade vintagey carpetbag and split town?

So that’s it, human people. I forgot to mention that I might lay off the quotes for a while because I feel like it’s taking away from other stuff and I don’t know if anyone really even gives a crap about them. I guess I’d be willing to keep them going if you guys like them. Otherwise it’s ix-nay on the otes-quay.


14 thoughts on “Guest Posts, Free Comics, and Losing Interest in Insurgent

  1. Glad to hear you’re book is moving forward! I had a bad writing week myself, but I finally have another YA fantasy novel about to go out the door today, as soon as I polish up the cover letter.

    • I can’t tell you how jealous I am that you have ANOTHER book going out the door. Honestly, when I get this first one out there I am hosting a party for me with everything I love and I’m the only one invited.

  2. I understand about the stalling on a book, and bumpy writing. I need to sit down, and start planning out some of the plot specifics on my story before I can really move forward with it. I’m thinking about writing a small short story in the mean time, just to keep the writing juices flowing.
    Also, I love the quotes, but if they’re pulling you away from writing and other important stuff, then I understand you wanting to do them less. Maybe a quote once or twice a week, just for inspiration?

    • You said it, sister. Hitting the specifics is oh-so vital when doing this writing deal. Well, it is for me at least.

      Yeah, I’m chilling out on the quotes for a minute. I have about a million zillion things going on right now and quotes don’t rank up too high on the list.

  3. The quotes are fun, but I agree that they shouldn’t be derailing what you really want to do: write. One or two a week might be cool, but only if you enjoy doing them. Blogging can be time-consuming enough.

    • Once or twice a week, huh? I like that idea. It’s so totally like me not to think of something like that. I swear, I am all about either doing a thing completely or not doing it at all.

  4. So did you finally drop Insurgent? I’ve been longing for this book and finally got it in the mail. Now I just have to finish my last bit of school-related work then I plan to indulge. I’m so sad you’re not giving it a good review. Is it really so bad?

    • I haven’t dropped it yet but I’m taking a break from it to see if maybe I was just reading it too quickly or something.

      Wow, that sounds like I was just talking about a new girlfriend. (Note to self: books are not your wife.)

  5. Guilty as charged, I am indeed a pronoun evader. I totally get stalling on Insurgent, but Tris does eventually get over the mopey dopey crap (and Four, too) and the end is decently action-y…though there are some pretty big plot holes.

    I got that Firefly comic from Free Comic Book Day, and my partner of indeterminate gender got the Star Wars one! I was a little disappointed by it though, I felt like it was just an excuse to reveal one piece of information.

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