No Nerd Left Behind: The New 52 from DC Comics

The dude is cray-cray.

When I was a kid I loved me some comic books. Marvel was my go-to publisher (sorry DC folks), mostly because I was a total fanboy for Wolverine. That dude was the shiznit, smashing people out and smoking cigars like a champ. Every time that dude dropped the Adamantium hammer on some bad-guy’s face I gave a little fist pump. As you can imagine, I was fist pumping a lot.

At about 13 or 14 I discovered the awesomeness of the Star Wars expanded universe novels.  After that, comic books stopped being my main deal. Not to say that the comics weren’t still sweet, but I just started getting into something new. Plus, the novels were only a couple bucks more and they lasted me way longer than comic books–something my mom was pretty stoked about.

After a bunch of years I started thinking about trying to read comics again. So one day I headed to the store, picked up a couple of books, and prepared to recapture the awesomeness that I used to get out of them. My comic-less life was about to get a superhero kick right in the wiener.

Only that it didn’t happen that way. I read the books–read them thrice, even–and ended up nowhere but lost. There was just too much back story. I even tried picking up the first issue of some random series but I still felt like I was missing a bunch of stuff.

After that, I figured comics were just not my thing anymore, you know? My illustrated adventuring had officially reached Deadsville. But I was wrong, broski. Oh man, I was so very wrong! Because there was a game changer in the works–a beautiful creation from DC comics called the New 52.

Look at him, kickin' ass!

The New 52 is DC’s way of trying to lure old readers like me back into its inky arms by restarting all their superhero books from issue one. How sweet is that? Now you can go and pick up number one in a series and it’s actually number one (Except for Batwoman. For some reason that’s still all screwy).Think of it like a No Nerd Left Behind Act–the perfect time for all you nerds to get back into comics.

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