Writer Wednesdays: Who Said It?

Did you take a stab at the quote from yesterday? That shiznit was from Josheph Heller’s little ditty called Catch-22. Seeing as I was in the Army and understand how effing stupid bureaucracy can be–i.e. as a linguist I needed to know the effective range of an M16 to make sergeant–I feel like I should have liked this book more. But I didn’t. I mean there were parts that made me laugh–that quote from yesterday being a bueno example–but for the most part I was just paging along, waiting for Yossarian to lose his shit and go on a shooting spree. Didn’t happen though. Bummer.

Anyhoot, take a peek at a quote from some dead white guy and tell me who you think it is in the comment field.

“If there is a gun hanging on the wall in the first act, it must fire in the last.”



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