How Often Do You Post?

I’ve been thinking, maybe I ought to rethink this whole bloggity blogging every day. Maybe every other day would be better? Every three? I don’t know.

See, I’ve been having a tough time squeezing fiction writing time into the day when I’ve got a gazillion other thangs to do. And I don’t know about you, but rocking the fiction shiznit every day has got to be the numero uno thing on my gotta-do-today list.

How often do you folks post? Do you have a set schedule or do you just doing things whenever you do it?


12 thoughts on “How Often Do You Post?

  1. I post usually every day. It all depends on what happens news wise and the movies I see that week. I try to keep it as short and interesting as possible. Trying to wrtie a 500 word post everyday will just burn you out.

    • Meh, I don’t know. Most of the time I can crank out a solid post without breaking a nail, but work has got me tied up as of late. I’m going to try this whole every-other-day thingy and see what happens.

  2. I think my life is going to change tomorrow when I start my second book. Until then, I’ve posted nearly every day- probably 5 days per week. After I start the book, though, I don’t know how often I’ll get to post.

  3. Hard to say. Posting every day does keep people checking every day to see what you’re up to. On the other hand, the goal is to be a writer — not a blogger. If blogging is sucking up too much writing time (and I know I can spend a ridiculous amount of time on a single blog entry), then it might be time to pull back a little.

    • I’m thinking it’s time to pull back. I love posting and interacting with all the folks on the interwebs, but if it’s keeping me from the real-deal-Holyfield of what I want to do then I need to lay off.

  4. I go M-W-F and it’s worked well so far. I also tend to create posts in advance (usually sometime over the weekend), which frees up evenings during the week to work on my book and still reply to comments.

  5. I’m experimenting with a twice a week approach. If I find that I have enough to say three days in a row, I schedule the posts so that they come out over a week. My reasons are the same as yours, most of your energy has to go to the writing, not the blogging. I find that when I have to stop writing to do some quick research, that usually makes a good blog post for me, so it works out.

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