Sci-Fi Saturdays: Who Said It?

The quote from yesterday was from The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. In my mind, this book doesn’t get nearly enough hype as it should. I’m thinking it might be because the film version hit theaters around the same time that Harry Potter did. I meet a lot of folks who think The Golden Compass was just a Potterverse rip-off but I’m like, “No way, Bro Daniels.” Pullman has a totally different style than Rowling. Plus, the story confronts completely different YA issues than the Potter books.

Anyways, that’s it for my rant. Guess who this quote is from.

“And they walked away together through the hole in the wall, back into the darkness, leaving nothing behind them; not even the doorway.”


3 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Saturdays: Who Said It?

  1. The Golden Compass is brilliant and absolutely not a take-off on Harry Potter. I was sad to see the film version, while not too bad (at least it looked nice and was well acted), removed all of the horrific things that were being done to children, making Mrs. Coulter and her cronies seem harmless. One friend thought Lyra was a brat for rebelling against her loving mother! *shudder*

    I didn’t see yesterday’s quote, though I might have guessed it. Today’s puts me in mind of several books — The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, A Wrinkle in Time, even The Magicians (which I’m currently reading) — but I can’t pinpoint it. I may be too stuck in YA land, at the moment.

  2. No clue on the quote’s location…but I agree. Golden Compass needs more attention. I love that series. Though I wasn’t a fan of the movie that much. *sigh* ah well…

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