It’s Comic Book Convention Time!

Dood, I’m in the middle of a total nerdgasm because in less than one week I’m going to the Emerald City Comicon. Let me explain how ridiculously awesome this is going to be, okay?

Firefly veterans Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau are going to be there, along with Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead. And if that wasn’t enough, James and Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins), and Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama from BSG) are going to be up in that shiznit too!

At this point you might be thinking, “WTF does this have to do with writing?” Well, Doubtful Reader, let me drop some super sweet knowledge for your brain meats. There are going to be a whole bunch of panels with comic book creators and writers on how they do things. The panel I’m most looking forward to is called “Building Your Fortress of Solitude: Creative Habits in the Face of Isolation” which is all about how professional creative folk have hammered out their own style of getting things done. Are you with me on how awesome that is? I hope so.

My excitement level can be expressed through the following mathematical equation:

excitement = AWESOME x ∞

I don’t even think that equation makes sense, but whatever. I think you get that things are going to be epic.

Even though I’m soooo looking forward to seeing all the big stars from shows and movies that I’m into, I’m especially stoked for that panel. Hearing how other creative people have been successful in their work is a seriously dope way to steal their ideas and incorporate it into my own master plans (MUAHAHA!). I’m going to be in the front row with a pen, paper, audio recorder, and maybe a digital camera to catch every word coming out of their mouths.

Have any of you been to any kind of convention before? If so, which one? I was thinking about hitting Norwescon–a Northwest sci-fi and fantasy convention–this year but decided Comicon and Sakura-con–a Northwest anime convention–would offer more fanboy/cosplay shenanigans.

Last, I want to do my usual “THANKS!” to some new followers. Thank you, Meagan Mac and Yu. Meagan’s blog nails it with some dope book reviews and insights into writing, while Yu’s blog is packed with pictures of Japanese cosplay. Check them out!


9 thoughts on “It’s Comic Book Convention Time!

  1. I can feel your excitement for ECCC all the way on the East Coast. I miss me some Seattle! Enjoy your time there, and I hope you take notes and pictures so that you can share with us after your experience!

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