Poll: Did The Hunger Games Do It For You?

First off, I want to say thanks to my new followers Uroboros, and Em. These folks have everything from book reviews to the finer points of dysopian fiction so just go on ahead and give those links le click.

As to the post, I’ve been hearing some mixed reviews from folks on the new movie. For example, a friend of ours who came with us to see it said she felt straight up robbed when it was over. Of course, she did read the books this week so maybe the book’s story line was fresh in her mind? Who knows.

If you read my review of it from yesterday then you already know where I stand on the deal. Now I want to know what YOU think. Was it bomb.com or did it just bomb? Let me know!

Also, I think you should check out this article about a theater in Utah that was putting on some cosplay amazingness for their patrons. This is so awesome!


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