Walking Dead Iz Da Siccness

I just watched the season finale of Walking Dead and it was off the chizain! I mean for realz, dude. There was a wicked crazy battle on the farm that ended up with peeps getting murked left and right and a super sweet zombie ninja with and effing katana sword, bro. Whoa! It was awesome! What’s more, the zombie ninja had two fricken zombies–sans arms and the lower halves of their jaws–with chains around their necks. I was all, “Why does this chick have all these fricken pet zombies?” But Talking Dead laid it out like the pet zombies were like a smell force field. To that I say, “Spew.”

Anyways, you should check that shiznit out, people. This show got down with the sickness, you feel me? Holler.


3 thoughts on “Walking Dead Iz Da Siccness

  1. I haven’t seen the second season of the Walking Dead, but I loved the first, and I generally hate things zombie related. It’s just a good series. Need to watch the second series.

      • Good to hear they haven’t lost the mojo. Do you watch Game of Thrones? I’m squealing already, waiting for April 1 (which is sort of a strange day to start a series. “Dude, Game of Thrones just started up again!”, “Nice try, jerkface. I’m not falling for that one this year”).

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