My Wifey: The Hottie McHotterson

Contrary to the popular opinion of soothsayers, the Ides of March is not such a bad day. See, March 15, 1984 was the day my wifey was born, and without her I probably wouldn’t be writing to you now.

Let me explain: in 2007 I had a wicked bad back surgery after jacking myself all to H-E double hockey sticks in the Army. After the surgery I was laid up for about a month without a dang thing to do. Talk about a drag, man. Anyways, my loving wifey got me reading about this little so-and-so named Harry Potter, which in turn got me writing stories again. Fast forward five years, a couple of published stories, and a half-done novel later and you’ve got me in the here and now working my little fingers off trying to be a writer.

So in addition the Nintendo Wii I got her and the delicious burrito casserole I’m making for her now I figured I’d ask all of YOU to go to her blog and say Happy Birthday. Because without her I wouldn’t have started down this road, and what a sad tale of woe that would be, folks.


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