Getting Over the I-Suck-At-Life Blues

You know those times where you feel like you can’t write worth a crap? Yeah you do. I can see it in your beady writer eyes.

I don’t know if those periods of feeling crappy are just a matter of perception or if I’m really just striking out when it comes to putting words on the page, but I do know that it doesn’t matter. Nope. Not one little bit. Whether it’s reality, or just perceived reality, the result is still the same: I feel like I suck and that’s no bueno for producing anything worthwhile.

While I’ve found that those periods of feeling crappy are always going to happen, I try to take time to balance them out whenever they start to crop up. My most recent means of feeling better is reading through the “How I Got Published” section of James Dashner’s blog. In this little section he talks about how he busted his heiney to go from a schmuck with a scrap of writing talent to author with a whole boat-load of publishing credits including the NTY best-selling Maze Runner trilogy. How awesome is that?

So check out Señor Dashner’s blog right here. Once you get to his page scroll down a whole bunch and look on the right. The link is kind of hard to spot but I know it’s there (I just checked!).

That’s it for today. Happy writing, ya filthy animal.


5 thoughts on “Getting Over the I-Suck-At-Life Blues

      • I remember reading that phrase in a book on military tactics.
        It’s my new best friend – it gets me through bad writing days and it got me through a life-threatening illness.

        When I found it I figured hey, it works for the people who courageously serve my country, it should work for me too.

  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog so far, so if your novel-writing skills are as good as your blog-writing ones, I don’t think you should be worried!

    Also, I’m reading The Maze Runner now and I’m excited to keep going. I’m only on page 80something, so I pretty much have no idea what’s going on, but it’s good nonetheless.

    • That makes me wicked happy to know you’re liking the blog. Thanks a lot!

      As for the Maze Runner, be warned that the story starts to take some serious twists. It got so bad that sometimes I felt like I was reading a script for an episode of Lost.

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