The Dead, They’re A-Walkin’

Don’t like spoilers? Well you better turn the wagons around and head back toward this post instead, partner.

DOOOOOD! The new Walking Dead episode was fricken sweet-ass-sweet! Shane was being all extra crazy and power hungry, Hershel pretty much waved the finger in the Lord’s face and started boozing again, and Rick blew away two goodfella wannabes who were on a zombie-motivated vacation from Philly. Whoa! Can you handle all that? I stuck the trailer for the newest episode in the bottom of this so go ahead and give it the old clickeroo.

On a bummer note, Dale stayed true to character and wore the same expression of horror and shock that he always does–Am I scared, or did a bug fly into my mouth? You decide.I’m sure everyone saw that one coming though. Honestly, Dale, just do the group a favor and let the zombies eat your face off. Plus, there’s the whole “concerned father” thing he has going on. Ack! That fricken guy bugs the crap out of me! Every time he gets up in everybody’s business I just want to go Street Fighter on him with a shoryuken uppercut.

Anyways, enough ranting from me. If you haven’t checked out the newest episode then you are missing the express train to Awesome Town. Download it, borrow it, *hack the AMC website–whatever you do, it just needs to happen now.


*The Bloggity Blog of Scott J. Clemons in no way advocates hacking into any website, unless it’s for the purpose of taking one cent at a time from an evil corporation like in that movie Office Space.


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