Shiver My Timbers

Today was the day I started revising my manuscript.

Whoa. Let’s just wait a second and reread that first sentence. I have a completed manuscript that I’m starting to revise. That still blows my mind.

Ok, now we can can get back to the bloggy thingy.

As expected, revising has consisted of equal parts of both awesome and bummer–awesome in the sense that I’m totally excited to work on something I love, but a bummer in that I know it needs so much work to be what I want it to be.

Not sure what I mean? Let me try and clarify with an analogy containing a Tolkienish reference. That’s bound to make it much more clear.

I like to think of my first draft as a map that leads to sweet-ass buried treasure, except in this case the map was drawn up by a total booze hound (in this story, said booze hound is me). Let’s just assume that I’m pretty good pals with the dude so I know he’s capable of making really accurate maps. I also know that because the guy is always sucking down the sauce, there is a solid chance he was blitzed when he drew my map. Now, a drunk map maker wouldn’t be an issue if I was looking for a 7-11, but if I’m aiming to hoof it all the way from the Shire to Mordor then I want to know where all the sketchy places are before I set a foot down outside Hobbiton.

Let me pause here to ask if anyone else suddenly got a craving for some of the Gaffer’s home brew. No? Huh. Must’ve just been me.

Anyways, moving onward!

The real point I’m trying to make is that in its current state my manuscript may be a piece of gosa, but it’s gosa that’s got the potential to lead me to the jackpot. You get me? It’s a treasure map–granted, one drawn by an alcoholic cartographer. Nevertheless, the guy still knows where things are so he’s got a decent chance of keeping the big details straight on his maps. I can trust that the “X” is at least close to where it should be, but unless I tread lightly I’m going to find myself in Minas Morgul with a pack of Nazgûl on my hindquarters.

Now, onto what I thought was awesome about my manuscript!

I’m glad to say that things weren’t all bad. Even the drunk mapmaker has to get it right sometimes. The most surprising thing was that most of my sentences felt pretty smooth. There was a sense of flow to the thing that made it fun to read, especially since I was the one who wrote it. And let me tell you, that’s really saying something because there was a time when I absolutely hated every word that came out of my brain. Whenever I finished writing the first draft or a story I’d always feel a little bit alright with how it had come out onto the page. But whenever I sat down to revise I’d end up feeling like I could hurl my lunch onto the floor. I’m stoked to say that this novel is totally different though. Reading over the first draft is actually sort of pleasant in that it doesn’t end with me repeating the words “I suck” like a regular Negative Nancy.

Well, that’s the update on where I’m at. More details are in the works so be sure to check back or you can follow me on Twitter as I’m always throwing up my latest insight or gripe into the process of writing my book.


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