I had a plan tonight, and it was going to be awesome. I was going to write three things: a blog entry, part of a new story, and a letter to Santa Clause.

Okay, the last one isn’t true.

Okay, okay, the second one isn’t true either. But the claim of blogginess is as honest as a boy scout walking an old lady across the street–all while under oath. That’s right. Dead honest. You know I wouldn’t lie when there are old ladies involved.

The blog entry was going to be great too! I was going to captivate you, dear Reader, with tales of sunshine and feasts and adventure. But, alas! I am too tired to go on. Sorry.

Instead of a blog entry–at least a legit entry that makes any kind of sense–you get a fan-made video of one of my most favorite songs. It’s by The Smiths. It rules. (If you’ve never listened to The Smiths then please consider this your invitation to start!)

Good night, and I promise I will write all about my incredibly happy today, tomorrow.


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